We offer no-hassle investor financing for up
    to 100% of purchase price plus rehab costs,
    approved within 24 hours.

EZ Money Lending Company - The Easy Way  to Borrow Hard Money.  Contact us to find out if we can help you. No obligation. No Upfront Fees.

Hard Money Loans, Fix and Flip

We are a DIRECT LENDER specializing in residential "fix & flip" financing for investors nationwide. As a direct lender, all loan approvals / fundings are done in-house.

Our lending philosophy is simple: We lend money the old-fashioned way, based on your track record and a feel for the deal. We do not base our underwriting on the inflexible ratios most lenders use.

If you have (1) good credit, (2) some cash, and (3) a deal that makes sense, we can give you quick approval and, just as quickly, fund the loan.

What makes borrowing from us so EZ?

Minimal junk fees

No prepayment penalty

Interest-only payments

Joint venture option

Deferred payment option

24-hour in-house approval process

Loan Terms : 12-15%    3-5 points    1 Year